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Finding Your Passion and Following Your Dreams

You didn't get sober because you wanted to stay the same. You got sober because you want what's best for you and your future. We can help you with discovering your talents and finding your passion. We have a whole team for that that will be surrounding you with the support you need to succeed. If you are looking to further your education, develop a career or wanting to dig deeper into what drives you, we can help.

One of the best features of living at It Is Possible Sober Living and Extended Care Homes is our outdoor lifestyle opportunities. We are surrounded by three state parks and a beautiful metro park consisting of hundreds of miles of trails, thousands of acres and water galore. We have four seasons and we take advantage of all of them. Mountain Biking, cycling, adventure biking, backpacking, hiking, running, camping, canoeing, kayaking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, fishing, hunting. If you like the outdoors, this place is for you.

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