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“It was basically a stepping stone back to real life”

Travis, Sober Home Living Patient

Our extended care program is unique.  We provide participants with a complete transition from inpatient treatment to fulfilling community living. Our homes are supported by an outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment facility within walking distance that is licensed and CARF Accredited. It Is Possible is run by the owners of Milford Counseling, professional therapists who are experts in the fields of addiction and mental health.

  We have men’s services only.

Our homes are located in the center of the scenic Village of Milford near the local Central Park. Surrounded by miles of some of the most beautiful state parks Michigan has to offer, Milford is an ideal National destination for recovery. We are tucked away directly on the beautiful Huron River and have access to the waterfront and river activities. We are conveniently situated between approximately 15 weekly 12-step meetings that are a great support and provide good long standing sobriety and sponsorship. Milford has employment and educational opportunities in the city and surrounding communities.

Our locations can accommodate automobiles; however, they are perfect for those without a car or license. We are within walking distance from many outdoor sober leisure activities including: legendary paved and off road biking trails, vast hunting and fishing areas, canoeing and kayaking, beautiful state and county parks, public basketball, volleyball and ice rink, cross country, downhill and snowboarding sites. We are around the corner from our local library and YMCA. 

We have an experienced team that consists of LMSW, LLP, LPC, CAADC, CADC, SST and MD (psychiatrist) many of whom are in recovery. Clients at Milford Counseling can utilize individual, family, couples, psychiatric, relapse prevention and lecture group sessions. Milford Counseling is CARF Accredited for the integrated treatment of children, adolescents and adults. We use Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) to provide evidence based therapy including: motivational interviewing, mindfulness based cognitive, cognitive behavioral, trauma informed, client centered, and DBT therapy modalities among others. We are on the leading edge of therapy techniques based strongly in mindfulness. We are providing clients with enhanced services such as Yoga for Recovery, forgiveness circles, and outdoor spiritual retreats and activities. All housing participants are given a strengths based case manager, at no cost to them, to help prepare and develop skills necessary to transition successfully. In order to provide sources of support and security we have a house manager and state of the art drug testing. Our testing is advanced, accurate, and flexible to move quickly with new trends. We can test for any psychoactive substances including Spice (K2), Cathinones (“bath salts”), Buprenorphine, MDMA and others that are typically used to avoid detection. We use a combination of onsite urine screens, PBT’s, lab qualitative urine screens, ETG’s (tests for alcohol 48-72 hours after use), and mouth swabs to ensure maintained abstinence and a totally drug and alcohol free environment. We require a commitment from each resident for the duration of the program which consists of three phases each based on progress of the client. The phases are designed to flow with the client’s progress, decreasing restrictions and increasing responsibility until the client is standing on his/her own two feet. A minimum financial commitment of 90 days is used to help ensure the client’s willingness to remain long enough to experience the possible benefits of our program. Most participants referred to us will complete our program, adequately preparing them for long term sobriety. Participants may stay as long as they are benefiting; there is no rush. We intend to supply the tools needed for a lifetime of progress and sobriety. All potential participants will be required to call our office at 248-529-6383 and undergo a pre-screening over the phone. This process takes approximately 20 minutes and will involve gathering information to qualify their needs and eligibility. Once this is done and the client is deemed eligible, an intake appointment may be made based on availability. We welcome the opportunity to come to your facility and give a presentation on our services to answer questions and provide materials. Family members routinely call to ask questions which we would encourage. Extended care is an investment in the future and is very important to the participant’s recovery and even though our clients have had to struggle their successes have shown that …it is possible.

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